Friday, February 27, 2009

Console Games: Making Time to Play

I own a variety of gaming platforms and as a result own a lot of games. However, I have not finished, or even played, a somewhat large amount of titles in my personal library. This problem is more so related to my console gaming experience rather than with my PC and in this post, will discuss why I think this is.

For one thing, I tend to get myself spread out too thin when it comes to games. I purchased Fallout 3 on its release date and even though Ive managed to make significant progress throughout the game, I still have yet to finish. Why is this? I attribute it to the PC games and real life commitments that I currently involve/involved myself with. Last year I had a few bouts with that insatiable beast known as World of Warcraft. Even though I dont consider myself to be someone who spends a gratuitous amount of time playing games, ALL the time I set aside for game playing was devoted to WoW. As a result, I never spent much time on my consoles. I also spent time playing multiplayer games like DOTA, Team Fortress, and Warhammer Online and I think the multiplayer aspects of these games are one of the significant factors as to why I didnt peel myself away from my PC to play a console.

As we discussed in our last posts, PC gaming allows for a certain advantage in the FPS, MMO, and Strategy genres, and this benefit spills over into their multiplayer aspects. You are able to get so much more of a kick out of playing with other people because everyone plays differently. Things arent as predictable online due to the human element, and as a result, things become much more exciting and more fast paced.

This isnt to say that you cant have a good time playing titles on a console. I purchased the majority of my console games on recommendations from friends and acknowledge that they are indeed great titles, I just need to set aside the time to play them and perhaps do so with a different mindset.

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